The Golden Shore

by We Are The West

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A sailor sailed
the sea of light
and when night fell
a mission bell
appeared there in his sight

Ring, ring
it called from in the dark
ring, ring
and sing your heart
yesterday is far away
tomorrow just a dream
there's land ahead
so leave your bed
now is the time to start

Waking with the sun
a breeze had just begun
the sailor climbed the mast
further than the furthest thought
and closer than the past
stretching to infinity
the Golden Shore
—at last!


released March 30, 2018

written and produced by Brett Hool & John Kibler

performed live by
Brett Hool | vocal, guitar
John Kibler | bass
Elizabeth Goodfellow | drums

recorded by Husky Höskulds and JK & BH

mixed and mastered by Jonathan Burnside

photographs by Jessica Daschner

painting "Mt. Zion" by Marcus Uzilevsky


all rights reserved



We Are The West Los Angeles, California

From beyond the setting sun comes the sound of We Are The West. The intrepid imaginers lay claim to no particular state or border, only a direction, calling the listener to explore the familiar and embrace the unknown. Their boldest vision yet is a portrait of endless possibility and sonic adventure that must be heard to be seen. We Are The West welcomes you to The Golden Shore. ... more


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Track Name: Siren
You call me your friend
in a lonely time again
the keys of the accordion in your mind
blow out of tune from time to time
Find my foolish heart
reel it in from the dark
the pealing siren on the shore
waits for you through the storm
—comes to light the way
from all this suffering
calling you so you won't sail
All my dreams have passed
the coolest kid in the class
the ghost of your best friend
calls to you again,
You rely on me
like a child calling
and I say I'm falling
but do you catch me?
Track Name: The Golden Shore
We lie awake at night totally consumed
we lie awake until sunlight fills the room
I should have known
land in sight — a golden shore!
We like the way we feel blue skies never end
we like the days it seems everyone's our friend
we hear the way it sounds, we won't disagree
we see the way it looks not quite what it seems
I should have known
land in sight — a golden shore!
Track Name: For Me, For You
In a dream
time can seem still
until you wake and see
you're only gaining speed
When the headwinds blow
the sun's warm glow keeps us going
never knowing what the future brings
When the sun goes down for me
for you the sun's just coming out
it's the same as when you're breathing in
someone's breathing out
When you dream
dream a dream of me
picture me up on a hill
seeing everything
When the sun goes down for me
for you the sun's just coming out
it's the same as when you're breathing in
someone's breathing out
Someone's breathing in
someone's breathing out
Track Name: Sea of Light (Dirty Ditty)
Waking up with the sun
anchored off the coast of old LA
hanging halyards
a sky brighter than the sword of old Al the Great
drinking hard, seeing double
there's nowhere to release
I can hardly contain it
spewing like the sun in outer space
but I keep walking all day
On a sea of light
burning out of control
into another night
Bludgeoned birds of a feather
circle around the wreck of yesterday
but far at sea I see all burdens
though none to burden me
a simple twist, a fluid motion
you slip under the green
I can hardly explain it
doesn't mean I don't know what I've seen
but I keep walking and talking
On a sea of light
burning out of control
into another night
it's nothing that you don't know
cover me with light
I'm burning like I'm petrol
I'm a shooting star
You're only somebody
'til time goes by
darling, you'll go quiet
like me to the sea
oh, aye!
On a sea of light
burning out of control
I'm a shooting star
Track Name: More Machine Than Man
At the end of the day
he packed up his tools and walked away
stepped into the light of an old city center streetlight
the sunset on a screen so serene
Burning in his brain
that old familiar pain rising up again
in the final days of men
Twisting back and forth
he clutched his head
he clutched with force
to touch again her electric skin
or to love in vain and feel no pain
My hands have turned to steel
a heart of circuitry
The future starts today
nothing risked nothing gained
what have I become?
(got to get a lot, get a lot from a little...)
What have I become
more machine than man?
What have I become?
I'm more machine than man
Track Name: Crops
You left it alone
when I kicked you out from the scenes in my home
to the one who couldn't decide
I'm laid here under the geyser of a heart
I'm pulling for you
you're letting me know
there's nothing to find
so what if they were the best that you had?
that's nothing to hide
So you lied
and kicked me out from the tears in your eyes
to the one who couldn't afford
to lay down under the floorboards of your heart
I'm pulling for you
you're letting me know
there's nothing to find
so what if they were the cream of the crop?
that's nothing to hide
Because you're right
in the middle of the station light
Yeah, you're right here
in the middle of the station light
Track Name: Luck of the Sailor
Please don't stop me
I don't know what's happening here
heady conversation and it still isn't clear
there's a pool of ice melting in the yard
we called the cops but they ain't looking very hard
Desperation creeps in like a disease
over waterways and carried on the breeze
see the boats arriving under the sun
the same one that saw Sir Francis Drake sailing on
Please don't ever wonder why
the same things happen every time
you go and say
I know it well
that's just the luck of the sailor
In the forests hunters were shooting me down
like a unicorn or sasquatch running round
tell the suicide it was just a shot of the dark
the same one that got Tom Kennedy straight through the heart
Please don't ever ask them why
the same thing happens every time
you go and say
I know it well
that's just the luck of the sailor
Track Name: Any Day of the Week
It’s not that far away
you can get there by plane
and be wherever you want to be
any day of the week
It’s not that far to go
put your car inside a boat
and watch the world pass you by
anytime you like
And when you get there
everyone will say,
“What brings you back this way?”
Track Name: From the Bower
I looked over the wall
from the bower to the road
at a bird flying low
everyone comes and they go
except me
why'd you turn away from me?
why is it so confusing?
With the turning of the screw
someone's calling after you
but you don't hear
I'm calling out inside of here
It's all going to change
everything's changing
you don't look the same
why is it so confusing?
You—you sent me out in the cold
and I looked over the wall and what did I see?
I saw a man in a field digging a hole
whispering low
Track Name: The Watchers
If I asked would you leave
break a trail, raise a sail
and set us free?
I'll be there foul or fair, you'll see
If the wind that blows underneath
could lift you out, erase the doubt left lingering why not go?
something's got to hold
something more than memory
When the sun sinks low and the shadows grow
silent curtains pulled across the neighbor's window
we'll steal away to somewhere we can hide
but something's got an eye on me again
I saw them lined up on the ridge
silhouetted as the fog rolled in
high above the treeline
looking over the oceanside
Father used to tell us stories
about the Watchers in the hills
he said, “When the sun sinks low
and the shadows grow
the Watchers show”
but nothing seems to happen in this shit town
so meet me in the woods by the old station
when the sun goes down
you start running
they keep on coming
standing maybe ten feet tall
headless horse on hind legs busted from its stall
and the lights through the trees
maybe they see
we ain't got time to worry about these things
we're on a mission
you hear the ocean
breaking like the day breaks
everything's in motion
If the world could come in between
the stars and all the colors of these forgotten dreams
then why not us?
something's got to hold
something's got a hold on me again
Track Name: Tonight's Tonight
In the blink of an eye
beneath a soft southern speckled sky
tumbling down the road
in the back of a lorry load
Follow me to the sun
your hour of need has begun
Drop down line—
turn up your face, that's fine
you've got visions in your head
but you’ve got to deal with this now instead
Fortune rains from above
to lose is to love
all these things you're thinking of go on
In the summer when you took my hand
sunlight in that golden band
and the mirrors in your mind
they shine so bright
but the sky's the sky
and tonight's tonight
Holy roads lead you home
your hour of need come and gone
we'll get there before too long

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